Communication Devices

Communicating Saving illuminating line



Summary of the equipment:
The equipment is mainly used in subway, underground shopping malls and other shielded environments. While the interphone can’t get communication, you can go through this device to get connected , this can help to extend the cable communication distance and wireless communication distance. This device also has the function of 5way lighting guide for evacuation purposes. 1way 100m main line of  lighting, plus 4 ways of 10m branch lines . This device will handle both communication and lighting guide functions.

Technical parameter:
◎Continuous talking: >40h
◎Main line long bright illuminating :>18h×1
◎Branch line flash illumination: > 12h×4
◎Charging time of the main engine : ≤6h
◎Charging time of the branch line : ≤3h
◎Distance of cable communication transfer : 100m
◎Wireless communicating distance: Two times further than the regular communicating distance.

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