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WTK-YS Wireless Communication Helmet



Product Introduction
WTK-YS wireless communication helm is the most advanced helm-type communication system for it can both send and receive signals through the smart bone transport technology. The communication modules are embeded in the helm and the helm adopts tinfoil screen technology , thus preventing people from radiation. Once connected the electronic power, the helm can freely send and receive signals and guarantee the firefighters a ready situation in a minimum while. The helm can be used together with the Air RECCO and heavy chemical protective clothing.
Brief introduction
The WTK-YS wireless communication helm adopts the latest DSP and indits the operational method that can distinguish the human voice, thus noises and shocks from outside can not be recognised and can be eliminated through digital processing and check before the transmission. The most important is that it can guarantee the communication quality even in the 110DB noisy environment.
Exclusive Characterristics
1.Combining the technology of bone transmission ,manual and automatical opperation , VOX that only activates the human voice frequency.
2.The protective film that can screen the electromagnetic wave.
3.The adoptation of outside chargeable batteries.
4.The tailored communication frequency according to the demand of customers.
5.Explosion-proof Mark: Exib IIbt3
Explosion-proof Number:CE092080

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