Communication Devices

Skull-Vibration Transmitter



1.VOX only activates the human voice frequency
The intergrated operational method allows the bone-transport transmitter only to collect the human voice frequency and to change them into digital signal.
2.Eliminating the problem of sound lost
The normal VOX will lead to time difference when voice transmits from the microphone to the interphone and thus causes the lost of sound which sent at the preliminary stage.While, TS-YC type VOX can store the preliminary sound in data memory untill the interphone is ready to function, thus solve the problem of sound lost.
3.Eliminating the problem of noisies
TS-YC is equipped with inside intergrated operational method so it can continuously eliminate noisies at any noisy environment.Differene from the normal machine, TS-YC can eliminate the noisies through digital processing before transmission and therefore provide a perfect vocal communication.
4.Be compatible with various interphones
TS-YC can choose compatible models according to various interphones.
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