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Importing Video Life Detector



Product Introduction 
The products are highly recognised by foreign user.It is mainly used in the field of fire and rescue, mine rescue, search collapsed buildings, and industrial pipes, large chemical tanks to detect and other occasions .
The equipment uses high brightness backlight compensation image sensing probe with a high signal to noise ratio and high definition.It has multi telescopic poles and can be flexibly used without affecting the working results.With s simple keyboard operation, the probe is waterproof and can be used to directly display the scene in small space .
Product Characteristics 
1.The product adopts high-definition camera with good color fidelity and low noise.
2.It is equiped with built-white light so it can be used both for darkness for daytime.
3.The tail of pole is made of 4-inch color displays and can monitor real-time internal situation.
4.It is equiped with four telescopic rods and can determine the length according to the situation with handheld length up to 5 m.

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