Life-saving equipments

Wireless Audio and Video Life Detector



Product Introduction 
The equipment can be applied to search and rescue trapped people in the disatrous sites, such as the collapsed buildings in earthquakes ,landslides and debris flow. It combines with optics,electronics ,precisive machine,microscopic video technology and the probe can be rotated freely according to different situations.It is not only used in the near-end probe display but also used in the wireless transmitting and receiving display of far-end (50~100cm) .
Product Introduction 
1.It can observe dangerous situations and give accurate feedback when rescuers can not reach in depth.
2.It can monitor by a colourful and small screen of the near-end and wireless transmitting and receiving of the far-end by a colourful and big screen.
3.The system is suitable for rescue scene, but also can be applied to criminal investigation, customs, mining and other industries.
4.The device is easy to carry and has long standby time and can continuously work without power for more than six hours.
5.The probe head can be 360 degrees or 0 degrees bend and is easy to use with the host system.

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