Individual Protection Equipments

RHJ360/A Firefighters Recco



This recco has a very compact design and the shell is constructed with bulletproof material , it is both strong and durable, it operates in very harsh environments .It’s superior alarm system can be heard up to 3 meters from it’s source which is an increased safety measure.The sound level is a very high 105db .The directional light uses eight high brightness LED which is just one more safety factor .Our device batteries are lithium polymer for more longevity and environmental durability. This product is suitable for many safety situations such as the public security fire control personnel , the coal mine operators and ambulance personnel.
This personal protective safety equipment is critical for many emergency event area such as land,sea ,the forest area ,armed police or fire rescue site .This recco is indispensable protection equipment for critical emergency situations .It is suitable for mine safety and factory safety. Explosion-proof sign: ExibI/IIBT4.
Technical indicators:
◎Battery:7.4V/500mAh        Polymer lithium battery
◎Directional light intensity of illumination:3.51×105cd/m2  Visible to the naked eye from 4800meters
◎Stationary state:30s±2s
◎Forecasting warning time:14s±2s
◎Forecasting alarm loudness:≥85dB(Distance:1meter)
◎Strong alarm loudness:≥105dB(Distance:3meters)
◎Supporting air respirator time remind time respectively:20mints、 25mints、30mint
◎Strong continuous alarm:≤300mints
◎Standby time:≤32h
◎Battery under voltage indicator values:7.1V
◎Temperature alarm:≥60℃ continuous   alarm in 10seconds
◎Intelligent charging
◎Waterproof explosion-proof

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